4 Games Guaranteed for ALL divisions

U13 AA, U15 AA/A, U18 AA/A/BB
U22 A/B/C, Senior BB/B/C

Game Lengths 12-12-15


U13 A/BB/B/C
U15 BB/B/C

U18 B/C

Game Lengths 10-10-12



U9 A/B/C (half ice)
Game Lengths 22-22




Local teams may play Thursday evening.

Teams must be ready to play at 8:00AM Friday and 7:00AM on Saturday/Sunday.

Last games on Friday/Saturday will be scheduled to start no later than 9:45PM.


Hotel accommodations provided by HTG Sports




For tournament information, please contact

bellevilletourney@gmail.com    ;    

For tournament registration, please visit


For association information, please visit



Payment Options:  Cheque, E-Transfer, Credit Card
(non refundable on-line merchant fee applies for credit card payments)


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