Girls:  May 25 - 26, 2024            Boys:  June 1 - 2, 2024  

Dear Soccer Fans:

After last Spring’s successful renaissance following the three-year Covid-19-caused side-lining, the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club is once again extremely pleased, excited and proud to be able to invite your team to participate in the 27th Edition of the “Icebreaker” Soccer Tournaments for U-13 to U-18 teams, or in the Icebreaker Mini Soccer Festivals for U-9 to U-12 teams.  
As usual, “The Icebreaker” will be split over two week-ends with the Girls’ Teams playing on May 25 and 26 and the Boys’ Teams playing one week later on June 1 and 2.  Both competitions will have two categories-of-play - the “Ice Pile” and the “Snow Bank” in all of the age groupings from U-9 to U-17/18.
A MAXIMUM of twelve (12) teams will be eligible to compete in each of the five (5) combined Ice Pile and Snow Bank Tournament age groupings between U-13 and U-17/18; whereas a MAXIMUM of eight (8) teams will be accepted to play in each of the Ice Pile Divisions and in each of the Snow Bank Divisions in each of the four (4) Festival Age Groupings between U-9 and U-12. 
In the U-13 to U-17/18 Tournament age groups, each Division will be comprised of two six-team groupings.  Each grouping will play a full Round-Robin preliminary set of games before teams are seeded into the Ice Pile and the Snow Bank Divisions for the Play-off games. This format guarantees each participating team a minimum of six (6) games and between 200 and 210 minutes of field time.  As we have done for more than twenty years, we will use a Shoot-Out to determine a winner in all tied games in both the Preliminary and Play-Off rounds.  There will be a Champion and Silver Medalist in each of the two Play-Off Divisions (Ice Pile and Snow Bank) for the U-13 to U-17/18 Age Groups.

In the U-9 to U-12 Mini Soccer Festival, each of the four age groups will have an Ice Pile and a Snow Bank Division; and those two Divisions will each be comprised of two four-team pools which will play a complete Round-Robin against each team in the other pool. The U-9 and U-11 Divisions will play their games on the Saturday, whereas the U-10 and U-12 Divisions will play their games on the Sunday of their respective gender’s tournament weekend.

All of the "Icebreaker's" games will be held in the City of Ottawa and Festivals and Tournaments in the following age categories will be held:    
        Age Group                    Birth Dates            
        Under-9     (Mini Soccer - 7-a-side)    Born on or after January 1, 2015     
        Under-10   (Mini Soccer - 7-a-side)    Born on or after January 1, 2014
        Under-11   (Mini Soccer - 9-a-side)    Born on or after January 1, 2013
        Under-12   (Mini Soccer - 9-a-side)    Born on or after January 1, 2012     
        Under-13                Born on or after January 1, 2011    
        Under-14                Born on or after January 1, 2010
        Under-15                Born on or after January 1, 2009
        Under-16                Born on or after January 1, 2008
        Under-17/18                Born on or after January 1, 2006

Since spaces are much more limited than in previous years, all teams are advised to register early in order to secure their spot in the Tournament or Festival and to avoid the disappointment of applying for a sold-out age group.  

PLEASE NOTE:  All girls’ teams from outside of the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) are advised and STRONGLY encouraged to register for the Icebreaker AND to book their hotels as early as possible because the Ottawa Marathon Race Week-end is again running its races during the Girls’ Icebreaker week-end.

The maximum numbers of players who can be registered, dressed and play per team are as follows: U-9 and U-10 – 12 players; U-11 and U-12 – 20 players who are registered and 16 players playing; and U-13 to U-18 – 20 players registered and 18 players playing.  A player may be registered on, and play for, only one team and in only one age group in the Icebreaker.  The Entry Fees are $350 for U-9, U-10, U-11 and U-12 teams; and $650 for U-13 to U-17/18 teams.

The Icebreaker Festivals are awaiting approval by the Ontario Soccer Association as Inter-District Festivals and the Icebreaker Tournaments are awaiting approval by the Ontario Soccer Association as "ONACC” Tournaments which designation means that only Competitive Club (CC) Teams from anywhere in North America are eligible to participate.  

All Festival and Tournament teams must prove that they are registered with their District / Provincial / State soccer association and must play in an outdoor League.  In addition, all teams from outside of the EODSA must produce an Authorized Travel Permit from their home soccer association which authorizes that team to participate in the Icebreaker and certifies that all players are registered to participate in the Icebreaker’s tournament “class”.   

In accordance with Ontario Soccer requirements, validly certified player passports or cards or digital player/team verifications will be the only proof of player registration that will be accepted.  Improperly registered or unregistered players or teams will not be permitted to participate.  Teams must carry and supply proof of injury and liability insurance while participating in this event – which is evidenced or verified by the team’s Authorized Travel Permit.  

For additional information and to register your team, please visit our web-site at: 

The ENTRY DEADLINE is midnight on Saturday May 4th, 2024

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